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Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Safe packaging solution for glass containers
The Challenge: Companies in the food industry often use glass containers for their products. One of our clients needed a sustainable way to transport their containers that was strong, robust and safe. It was essential the glass containers were held securely without risk of breakage.

The Solution: We saw the solution straightaway and added a simple fitment to the tray to stop the products touching each other and moving when the polythene shrink was added. We made the fitment easy to assemble and able to hold the products tightly to minimise wasted space without sacrificing safety.

The Result: Our customer was extremely pleased, both with the ease of assembly and also the safe packaging of their glass containers. The products were packed efficiently without risk of breakage or damage.
CASE STUDY: Perfect bespoke packaging design for lotto point of sale
The Challenge: One of our customers needed to pack their Lotto Euro Millions display units for transport in environmentally-friendly cardboard. The fitment needed to be simple to assemble as well as ensuring the units arrived in perfect condition with all separate parts included.

The Solution: We could tell a single fitment would provide the right packaging and support for the unit while meeting the client’s requirements. We created a simple to assemble unit with a bespoke design to securely enclose the main unit, while holding the additional parts in a separate area.

The Result: The customer loved the design which ensured their point of sales unit arrived safely and were both easy to assemble and simple to unpack for the end recipient.
CASE STUDY: Helping local retailer to improve ecommerce packaging
The Challenge: A family butcher needed to take advantage of online selling and delivery opportunities during the recent lockdown. This meant them introducing an online shop allowing their customers to order direct. Originally they were using carrier bags for their deliveries but they wanted to introduce something more professional to support their plans to grow this side of their business. We knew we could help them.

The Solution: The business had been using five different off the shelf boxes but once we had examined their requirements we got them down to three, saving them time and money. After talking to the business, we learnt they wanted to make an impression with their deliveries and they were very proud of their strong and recognisable brand. We introduce branding to their boxes with an all over print of their corporate colour and company details.

The Result: The family butcher loved the evolution of their packaging. They fully appreciated the need to impress with packaging designed to excite customers about their delivery and make it feel special. Online orders continue to grow and the company is looking at expanding their service.
CASE STUDY: Using void-fill cardboard to replace polystyrene packaging
The Challenge: A regular customer with large, high value office furniture asked us for an alternative to using polystyrene for their packaging. Despite being light and cheap, it is difficult to recycle and not seen as environmentally friendly as using cardboard. We accepted the challenge.

The Solution: Immediately we could see that the polystyrene was supplied as multiple blocks which were tricky, time-consuming to assemble and did not fit the product. We created a single piece void-fill cardboard structure to protect the furniture and keep it in place during transit.

The Result: The customer was extremely pleased with being able to replace their polystyrene packaging with a made-to-fit cardboard void-fill which gave full protection while being quicker and easier to use.

“Sandland’s fantastic design team are really helping us develop products with much more environmentally-friendly fitments that are still cost effective. They are essential in our target to become fully polystyrene free by 2022."
CASE STUDY: Super fast turnaround for food service company
The Challenge: One of our Food Service customers had won a contract through Amazon for 6,000 meals to be distributed. Due to order requirements, these were needed to be with the consumer within 2 weeks (packed and posted) – a fast turnaround.

The Solution: The packaging for these meals needed to be robust and secure to ensure safe distribution of the food product. For a speedy turnaround, we created Postal Boxes out of stock sheets held on site. These are single units that lock together making them easy to use. Along with these, the postal boxes were packed into outer cartons for ease of shipping. All requirements were delivered within the customer’s specified time frame.

The Result: Our customer was extremely pleased. It was vital they successfully fulfilled this important order and ensured safe and secure delivery. They thanked us for turning the order around within their tight deadline.
CASE STUDY: Sandland opens new market in Ireland with O'Briens wines
The Challenge: O’Briens Wines in Ireland needed boxes for their wines – fast! They spoke to Sandland Packaging to help.  

The Solution: Using stock sheets we were able to design, produce and deliver the right boxes just when they were needed. Stock sheets enable customers to access packaging quickly when faced with issues like unexpected demand.

The Result: O’Briens Wines were very happy with the speed of turnaround and quality of the boxes delivered.

“We needed boxes quickly that would ensure safe delivery of our wines to customers. Sandland Packaging were fast, friendly and helpful and our wine deliveries arrived safely.”

What our customers say
“When we redesigned our machine, we needed to change the packaging to suit. Sandland Packaging immediately improved on the previous design, reducing packing time and making the whole operation quicker and simpler – saving us time, money and hassle. They are easy to work with and are experts in their craft – the people to go to for your packaging needs.”

Manufacturing and Quality Manager, Product Maker
CASE STUDY: Reducing cost through better stock management for furniture manufacturer
The Challenge: A leading furniture manufacturer had multiple product lines and used many different kinds of packaging to ensure safe delivery. However this meant their process was relatively complex and expensive. The company had to order minimum volumes for each packaging requirement and store it efficiently. This took up space, cost and resource.

The Solution: We analysed the customer’s requirements and re-designed the packaging to simplify what was needed. With fewer packaging types, the whole process was simpler and easier to manage. Cost was reduced along with storage space needed.

The Result: The company is delighted. Not only is has the process been simplified making it quicker to operate, they have also saved money and warehousing capacity.
CASE STUDY: Successfully replacing plastic packaging for lead consumer goods manufacturer
The Challenge: One manufacturer, who provides consumer product machines for a leading food and drink company, had been asked to remove all non-recyclable elements within the product including the packaging. This wasn’t a problem for the product, however the packaging had high levels of polystyrene and plastic bagging. Our client needed an alternative that was recyclable and would keep their products safe during transportation.  They came to Sandland.

The Solution: To ensure complete protection we replicated the polystyrene with cushion pack style die-cut fitments made from corrugated cardboard. These allowed the product to be drop tested with similar protective levels to the polystyrene but this time with a cushion effect - allowing the packaging to crumple to a safe level protecting the product.

The Result: Once all the designs were finalised we achieved what we set out to do. The entire outer and inner protective packaging was now 100% recyclable and produced from recycled material.
CASE STUDY: Providing cost-effective, bespoke archive boxes
The Challenge: An examination papers distribution company needed a secure, easy to handle method of packaging, storing and transporting their question papers. The boxes needed to be able to be clearly marked and robust enough to be handled multiple times. They approached Sandland Packaging for help.

The Solution: We provided our standard Archive Boxes. For the security requirement, single-use tags looped through holes made it easy to ensure that no one could access the contents. The boxes are strong enough to handle multiple uses and make it easy for transportation and storage.

The Result: The examination company is very pleased with the quality of the boxes and the service received from Sandland Packaging.
CASE STUDY: Fewer breakages with this eco-friendly drinks carrier
The Challenge: Many customers are now requesting a cardboard alternative to their current plastic packaging. One customer approached us to see if we could design an eco-friendly drinks holder. This was to replace a poly woven style carrier they were currently using.

The Solution: To ensure the safe carriage of these drinks bottles, we replaced the plastic with recycled cardboard. This provides a better hold which cannot lose its cushioning like airpacks and air bubbles. Cardboard used in this way is also more cost-effective. The customer asked us in the final stage if we could print on the case so we incorporated a two colour design to help brand and market the final carry case.

The Result
Here we provided a successful re-design giving the customer a cheaper and more robust product ensuring fewer breakages – a real win for this customer.
CASE STUDY: Fast turnaround for NHS face visor packaging
The Challenge
A regular customer had an urgent requirement for pallet boxes. These were needed as quickly as possible to meet an immediate need. They were for 1.2 million face visors they had manufactured for NHS staff needing the protection from Covid-19.

The Solution
We specialise in fast turnaround, bespoke packaging requirements and that discipline showed in our response to this request. We checked the specification, provided the samples needed and manufactured the pallet boxes.

The Result
Knowing how important these were during this difficult time, we were able to deal with this enquiry and manufacture the full order of a thousand boxes ready for delivery all within 4 working days. 
CASE STUDY: Creating striking packaging for a food and drink manufacturer
The Challenge
One of our clients is a forward thinking, contemporary brewery producing hand crafted beers sold online and in bars. To stand out, they have a striking brand presence and wanted this to transition through all of its packaging especially when delivering beer. They asked Sandland Packaging to help.    

The Solution
The customer’s branding involves heavy ink coverage with two strong colours creating a bold effect. We used high level flexo printing to reproduce the striking design and covered the whole of a white box in red and black, leaving only the white lettering to indicate the packaging was fragile. This involved tight registration and careful manufacturing to replicate the desired effect.  

The Result
Our client loved it! They knew their customers would recognise exactly what was being delivered as soon as they saw the box. It was a simple way to excite their customers about the delivery and reinforce their contemporary, innovative brand.
CASE STUDY: Stock and serve delivering efficiency for car part manufacturer
The Challenge: One of our customers had multiple packaging requirements for all of the different car parts they manufactured. This gave them a stock management headache. They had to stay on top of stock control and store all of the different types of packaging. They also had to order minimum volumes.  

The Solution: We know that making sure the right packaging is in the right place at the right time is essential to an efficient workflow of items manufactured, packaged and delivered. By providing our stock and serve service, this manufacturer passed the problems to us. With an order placed at 9am, the required packaging is delivered by 3pm. Every single day.

The Result
The customer was thrilled and gave us regular orders we are still fulfilling. They are saving time in production and their products are safer and arriving at the end destination easier to unpack and use.