Case Studies
Using void-fill cardboard to replace polystyrene packaging
The Challenge:

A regular customer with large, high value cappuccino machines asked us for an alternative to using polystyrene for their packaging. Despite being light and cheap, it is difficult to recycle and not seen as environmentally friendly as using cardboard. We accepted the challenge.

The Solution:

Immediately we could see that the polystyrene was supplied as multiple blocks which were tricky, time-consuming to assemble and did not fit the product. We created a single piece void-fill cardboard structure to protect the cappuccino machine and keep it in place during transit.

The Result:

The customer was extremely pleased with being able to replace their polystyrene packaging with a made-to-fit cardboard void-fill which gave full protection while being quicker and easier to use.

"Sandland’s fantastic design team are really helping us develop products with much more environmentally-friendly fitments that are still cost effective. They are essential in our target to become fully polystyrene free by 2022."