Case Studies
Helping retailer go from local to national deliveries
The Challenge: 

A local butcher had taken advantage of online selling during the pandemic by introducing an online shop. They originally only planned deliveries within their local area and we helped them with the right boxes for their initial requirements. But as they grew, and planned a national roll out, they needed more support.

The Solution: 

To service deliveries to the UK, this local retailer needed a stronger board grade and the box sizes altering to meet this change. We offered three options of material and two amended sizes on the boxes with samples provided. This meant the retailer could check and test the new boxes.

The Result:

The retailer was extremely pleased with the new designs and placed an order for the two sizes in a heavier grade. We maintained their branding on their boxes with their company details and an all over print matching their corporate colour.

They’ve now launched national deliveries on their website! It is particularly fulfilling to support the growth of a good local business.