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Sandland Design Process and Plant List

This is how we design your bespoke packaging requirements along with the list of our machinery.
Our Design process
Sandland Packaging - Plant List

Case Making  
  • 3.2m Dong Fang Printer Slotter
    • Large format volume printer-slotter capable of one or two colour work (5,000 per hour)
  • 2.6m Dong Fang Printer with Rotary Diecut Section
    • Volume producer of finished cases, one or two colour print (7,000 per hour)
  • 2.8m Kirby Printer Slotter
    • Slower running machine suitable for 1 colour print (2,500 per hour)         
  • 2.6m Semi Auto Maxi Box
    • Very large format cases, 2.6m first way with an unlimited second
  • 2.6m Midas CaseKing
    • Very large format cases with added FEFCO designs, 2.6m x unlimited
  • Rotacut with Inline Stackers (2 of)
    • 2.6m volume cylinder diecutting with small to large format capabilities (combined run rate of 12,000 per hour)
  • Cauhne Plattern
    • 1800 x 1200mm bed hand fed
  • Crossland VK Plattern
    • 1300 x 900mm bed hand fed
  • Rollerpress
    • 2160mm x unlimited low volume large format diecutting  
  Cutting & Creasing 
  • Kirby Slitter Creaser (3 of)
    • 2.6m sheet creasing ability for bespoke low volume work
  • Kirby Beam Slotter (3 of)
    • Slotting for bespoke low volume
  • Corner Slotter
    • Additional slotting for specific FEFCO’s
  • 3m Godswill Two Piece Stitcher
    • Works in sync with the DF Printer Slotter for volume stitched cases
  • Lampomatic Semi Auto Stitcher
    • Single inline stitching machine with a semi auto process
  • Arm Stitcher (3 of)
    • Arm stitchers for longer panels and awkward FEFCO’s
  • Table Stitcher (2 of)
    • Flat bed stitcher for large panel inline
  • Heavy Duty Triwall Stitcher
    • Longer arm with a deeper stitch ability for heavy duty and triwall              
  • Talonfinch
    • Small panel gluing perfect for small slim cases
  • M & W Semi Auto Cold Gluer
    • Standard inline cases, covers most regular cases

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