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Converting Polystyrene to Sustainable Packaging

We got the chance to turn a customer’s polystyrene packaging nightmare into a sustainable corrugated box solution. Dive into this case study below to see just how we went about tackling the challenge at hand, the solution and the best part… the results!


To turn big, non-eco friendly polystyrene packaging into a sustainable corrugated packaging solution. The packaging must safely house all of the customer’s lighting products and ensure they get to their destination in perfect condition.


Our solution was to decrease the overall waste packaging and dimensions of the box so it was much smaller, but before we did this we created a bespoke interior divider fitment which helped keep the customer’s products safe, an interior plinth fitment for extra structural integrity and then lastly, we created the folding box style to fit the smaller interior fitments. All of these products were certified CarbonNeutral.


Decrease in Dimensions

Firstly, our solution was to shorten the overall length, width and depth of the box as this was too large and the original packaging had a lot of waste material.

Added: Interior Fitment (Divider Set)

To shorten the overall length of the box we first must know how big the divider will be (the fitment that takes up most of the internal box space).

To do this we measured all of the customer’s lighting products and then designed a 9 cell divider that housed the hanging bulbs safe and secure, this also helped house the cables and wires.

Folding Type Box 0427

Secondly, we created a corrugated box that would match the dimensions of the interior fitment we created, which means the divider set fits inside the folding type box perfectly.

One of the benefits of these folding type boxes includes the built in buffer that they have from the box flaps (located on the internal width panels of the box). These flaps have tabs that self lock in the bottom of the box, these flaps provide added structural strength and a short 5mm gap from the divider set to the external.

Added: Interior Fitment (Plinth)

Thirdly, we recognised that the divider set was not enough to fully house the customer’s product (see right) because of this we measured the length of both the hanging bulb cables and designed a plinth which would separate these cables, keep them secure and also add that extra strong structural integrity to the packaging.

Material: Grade / Thickness

The material of the box has been brought into the future with a sustainable B flute 200KT corrugated board. This box will be recyclable, re-usable and most importantly it is certified carbon neutral which means the customer can report the emissions for this packaging as zero. All of our material is from responsibly sourced forests managed by FSC.


A happy customer!

The customer has now received the packaging and is over the moon with the transformation. Our packaging is sustainably sound, as all of our box products are certified carbon neutral and the customer/consumer does not need to worry about any mess created by the polystyrene OR the product being damaged. Our tests and amendments ensured that the customer’s hanging bulbs will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

  1. Now a 100% recyclable and more sustainable product
  2. Reduction in overall packaging sizes reducing shipping cost
  3. Compression tested and now fully secure
  4. Bespoke designs giving better consumer experience in value
  5. Carbon emissions reduced to ZERO

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"Our lighting products are high quality and can get easily damaged but we're committed to looking at non-eco elements like polystyrene and considering alternatives. Sandland have been a massive help in providing a solution - great attention to detail and they really know their stuff." Director, Lighting Company.