Case Studies
Providing Carbon Neutral, bespoke boxes for Drinks Company
The Challenge:

A leading Drinks Company take their impact on the environment seriously. This includes a target to achieve Carbon Neutral status. To reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and improve their reporting, they wanted fully carbon neutral packaging for shipping their bottled beer.

The Solution:

This was a perfect request for Sandland Packaging. We have extensive experience in providing packaging for glass containers AND all of our boxes are certified Carbon Neutral. We took the brief, provided samples and supplied perfect fit packaging.

The Result:

Our customer was delighted. Using packaging from Sandland Packaging, they have been able to use Carbon Neutral boxes at no extra cost to themselves and now report their packaging as zero-rated for their upstream GHG.

“We rely on Sandland Packaging for robust, expertly designed boxes for our products. But it is absolutely brilliant that these boxes are now Carbon Neutral reducing our upstream emissions reporting and saving us money.” Director, Drinks Company