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Sandland Packaging is synonymous with first-class products. We have an extensive professional range of bespoke products, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our reputation is second to none. We always aim high, and we never miss!

Our dedicated sales team are always on hand to assist with any packaging enquiries which you may have.  Tel: 01902 496925.
100% recycled kraft liner substitute - Proliner Kraft
To reduce your impact on the environment, and show your customers you care about sustainability, you can choose to replace your traditional kraft liner with Proliner Kraft. This is a high-quality, two-layer kraft liner substitute made from high-quality recycled paper which contains recycled Kraft Liner. 

Proliner Kraft can be used for most packaging options and is available in 120gsm, 140gsm and 170gsm. To ensure superior performance, finish and feel, a high proportion of recycled kraft liner is used in the manufacture of the paper. We also offer Test, White Test and Fluting papers which are 100% recycled.   

Using Proliner Kraft means re-using vital resources. The manufacturing plant has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, predominantly with on site CHP plants to provide power.   Let us know you want to use Proliner Kraft in your packaging.
Weavers Wine Box
We designed a 3d mock-up prior to the order being placed to help the customer better visualise how their boxes will look. Our talented design department can aid with any customers needing to see visualisations when making the important decision to brand their products.
Range of Corrugated materials
To provide a complete corrugated packaging service, please see our range of materials. Sandland Packaging will help to ensure you choose the correct grade and thickness of material to ensure your products arrive safe and secure.   

We have a broad range of machinery that allows us to work with not only small micro flutes like E, N & F but also all the way through the range of B, C, EB, BC and into the heavy duty tri-wall sectors of the market with CA and AAC for superior levels of strength and protection.
Standard FEFCO designs
Sandland Packaging provides a range of standard FEFCO designs for your packaging requirements.
Large variations of machine capabilities allows us to fully use the varying FEFCO styles to suit all customers’ product needs and requirements.
The heart and soul of our box plant is our ability to create cases of any box any size, through our wide variety of machines. We  have year on year reinvested in the plant to increase our ability to create bigger and better boxes for our customers.

As our business grows we continue to provide the complete bepoks range from low volume, small run bespoke cases to high volume large case needs and still today pride ourselves on the ability to make 1 single box up to 100,000+ for customers.

High volume, colour printed boxes are easy with our Dong-Fang machines. They are the volume creators running at a combined rate of around 14,000 per hour in one and two colour flexo. These machines have such an accurate register we are able to re-run three and four colours through them to achieve customers’ requirements on our huge range of bespoke capabilities.

Finishing with the muscle of the group, our Case-King and Maxi-Box are for our huge case works, with a first way of 2.8m and an unlimited second way gives us the flexibility to meet any customer requirements with big box needs.
Having designed and made boxes for small computer chips up to a huge tepee for people to camp in, we know about specialist die-cutting for packaging. We pride ourselves on problem solving uniquely shaped products into bespoke die-cut cases for customer needs.

Our skilled Sales & Commercial team have a wealth of industry knowledge for design giving us a step up when it comes to die-cutting.  Not only do we run two Rotacut cylinder die-cutters at a combined rate of 14,000 per hour but again never forgetting the small customer needs we have the ability to run ones and twos for customers on slower hand fed platterns and rollers presses. Going from small to big to absolutely huge is again no issue in this area.
Heavy Duty
When you need heavy duty materials, look no further - we provide CA flutes and Triwall flutes. To make life even easier, we have the machinery to produce big pallet sets, with a pre-assembled set being supplied so our customers have no requirement for assembly. We do the hard work and allow you to concentrate on your own production.

We have stress tested cases up to and above carrying over 1,000kg, successfully stacking and securing products fit for transit in the heavy duty export market.

Senior members of the Sales Team are also qualified in creating PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) for products that require certification into automotive, aerospace and military accreditation to ensure the product meets your requirements.
24 hour turnaround
When you need packaging urgently - we're here to help. A very rare and unique part of Sandland Packaging is that we can produce work from stock sheet in 24 hours.

Although our standard operation is driven by our mills usually giving us a five day lead time, sometimes that's not quick enough. 

We carry stocked sheet from E flute all the way through to Triwall giving us the capability to convert into bespoke cases or fittings in a very short space of time, supporting customers in their hour of need.
Assembly Work
Anticipating where we can save you time and money, our hand assembly work is where the real bespoke needs are met, with pre-assembled dividers for speed at the packing end, to multi layered corrugated cushion kits for engine parts.

We have undertaken the labour parts of many assemblies to aid the customer in zero stock systems to reduction in packing times.

Our pallet sets are pre-made ready to have the lid taken off and work to begin with them, no nailing, no construction.

Our stock and serve system for some customers is an order before 9am for a delivery the same day at 3pm, pre-built and ready to hit the shop floor for the production to begin.