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Sandland Packaging Limited - Providing packaging to the trade for over 20 years

About Sandland Packaging

Providing packaging requirements direct to customers and trade for over twenty years. 

Since the company was first established in 1986, Sandland Packaging has become a well known name within the  industry, best known for our manufacturing process where we create a variety of products.

Alongside our manufactured products we provide a range of packaging materials such as bubble wrap, tape and corrugated rolls which are all available at competitive prices. All customers also have the opportunity to maintain a stock check system where we can provide up to date stock lists when requested on all relevant products. Sandland Packaging take pride in promising a brilliant service at all times to all customers.

Our dedicated sales team are always on hand to assist with any packaging enquiries which you may have.
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Understanding our customers needs
We understand and acknowledge the specialist requirements and individual needs of all our customers, and strive to meet them with professionalism, efficiency and a competitive approach.

As a company we are dedicated to maintaining high standards throughout our organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist with any of your enquiries.
Our Design Process
Once informed of the type of packaging required we are able to select the correct material and the correct sizing needed. Immediate quotations can be given on request.

The choice of material may vary upon the use of the product. Any product which you may require can be discussed with one of our dedicated members of staff who are able to assist and advise you on all aspects of the process.

Samples can be provided upon request for any customer who is unsure of what they require. This allows the customer to view the quality of our products and work and also assures that the product you request is correct. We also assure we provide you with competitive prices for all work which is completed.

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Dependable and quick
At Sandland Packaging we've built our reputation on faultless production processes. We believe that this is the only way to ensure both first-class production standards and speedy, punctual delivery of top-quality goods to our customers.

Here at Sandland Packaging we produce a range of cardboard boxes. Production amounts vary dependant on the requirements of the customer. The material used will also vary in accordance to the product use. The strengths and thickness of cardboard vary and this will determine the particular type of cardboard used for your specific product. 

With the recent purchase of our new casemaker our production capabilities have increased significantly. We supply a wide range of boxes in a variety of styles. We are also able to produce both plain and custom printed products. Printed products provides the opportunity to further promote your business with your very own logo printed on every item.

24 hour turnaround
When you need corrugated packaging quickly, we can help. Depending on the requirement, we have a range of machinery, material in stock and flexibility within our production scheduling.